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The Trophée des Petits Patelins (Little towns Trophy) is a soap-box trophy grouping soap-box results of races-against-clock from communities located in the Belgian Ardennes. Results are collected into a yearly trophy. for 2020, 10 towns are organising a race taking part to the Trophy. The soap-box races are also often call speed-down races. Vehicles are engine-less and get their speed from doing down hill (taking advantage of the gravitation force). Typical slopes are typically 1Km (0.6 mile) long and altitude difference start to stop line is typically 100metre (300 feet). Races are organized typically on Sundays during spring and summer seasons. Participants are aged from 7 to 77 years and are grouped into 6 categories: Youngsters: aged below 10 year old; Juniors: aged between 10 and 14; teenagers: aged between 14 and 18, Seniors; aged 18 and more, Vintage: older ones. A special category for youg adults aged 18 and up is reserved for vehicles embarquing two persons: A driver and a conveyor. These are called “biplace”. Soap-Box races are a fun activity for youngsters and families. Access for spectators to the track is generally free of charge. Food and drink are available nearby the track. Trials are starting around 9.30AM. Races are starting around 1.30PM and finishing around 5.30PM. By browsing through this site, you will be able to see few of the nice engines that are participating to the trophy. By coming to see us, you will feel the noise of profiled vehicules cutting the air, smell burning rubber and enjoy the popular friendship of local folks. Races are located close to towns of Spa, Stavelot and Malmedy, easily accessible from the E25 or E42 highways. A soapbox "award evening" is organised every year early November.

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